APCW Sponsor Program
Association of Players, Casinos, and Webmasters
Sponsor Affiliate Program
The APCW Sponsor Affiliate Program seal is awarded to sponsor affiliate programs that agree to follow the APCW code of conduct.

The seal has been awarded to platinum sponsor
888Starz Partners
The Sponsor Affiliate Program seal linked to this page signifies that the affiliate program is a current APCW platinum sponsor in good standing who has agreed to abide by the APCW code of conduct. The code of conduct includes the following provisions that must be followed by both the affiliate program and the operators they represent:

Affiliate programs are run by people, and people sometimes make mistakes, so APCW sponsor affiliate programs may sometimes fail to comply with the code of conduct. Good affiliate programs act in an ethical fashion, take responsiblity for their mistakes, and work hard to ensure they are corrected. The APCW's sister organization, the GPWA, operates independent forums for sponsor affiliate programs to create an environment where there is visibility around the interactions between affiliates and sponsor affiliate programs. This transparency enables affiliates to review the experiences of their peers and factor that information into considering whether they wish to work with a particular affiliate program.

If you have experience with 888Starz Partners, either positive or negative, please share your opinion with your fellow affiliates in the GPWA 888Starz Partners forum. And if you believe that 888Starz Partners has failed to promptly rectify any breach of the code of conduct, please post your observations in the GPWA 888Starz Partners forum so they can respond.